Types of CCTV For Home Use
Before you install CCTV in your home, you need to choose the best camera for the
location. Make sure you know what the lighting is like in the area, as it can vary
throughout the day cctv camera Singapore. Check for reflections and backlighting on the cameras, as well.
You also need to consider the resolution of the cameras. If you have a small room,
you do not need a high-resolution camera.

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High-definition cameras have a high-resolution sensor that allows the operators to
zoom in with extreme clarity. They are especially useful in high-risk locations
because they help identify perpetrators cctv system. You can choose from PTZ cameras, C-Mount
cameras, and static cameras, depending on what you need to monitor. And keep in
mind that high-resolution cameras have higher resolution and zooming capabilities,
so they will help you identify criminals more easily.
The types of CCTV cameras available for home use are different and come in
different sizes and shapes. Some are small and hidden, while others are large
deterrents. You can choose whichever one suits your needs best. A CCTV camera
installed in your home is an excellent way to protect your home. There are several
types of CCTV cameras on the market today, and they are all effective. You can
choose the best one for your specific needs by talking with a security professional.
You can choose a night vision camera for home protection, but it costs more than a
day/night camera. Night vision cameras can work in pitch-black darkness and even
in fog and smoke. They record coloured images during the day and black and white
at night. Businesses use night vision cameras when it is completely dark. Some of
these cameras connect to the Internet, so you can view the footage from any
location in the world.

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You can also opt for a regular CCTV camera for home use. These have a 35 to 40-
foot range. Special lenses can help you zoom in and out without losing focus. But the
downside to these cameras is their bulk and size. Despite their visible appearance,
they are a strong visual deterrent to criminal activity. Whether you choose a
network camera or a dome-mounted camera, you’ll be happy you did.
You can also choose a dome-shaped camera for indoor use. Domes are less
noticeable than bullet cameras and are usually mounted on ceilings or walls. Most
dome CCTV cameras come with night vision, motion-detecting, and heat sensing
technology. Compared to bullet cameras, dome cameras are more durable and
resistant to vandalism. You can choose one of the two types to fit the requirements
of your home. However, you must be aware that they can’t be used in the outdoors,
and will have to be installed indoors.
While a regular CCTV camera can act as a deterrent for thieves, a hidden camera
can capture good footage of theft and criminal damage. Oftentimes, hidden cameras
are small and blend in with the interior, while regular CCTV cameras can be a visual
deterrent from the outside. You should also consider the hidden camera as it can
record in-depth the identity of intruders. It’s possible that you can install both types
of cameras in your home.